Explore All Places of Hospitals in Warzone 2 DMZ: Al-Mazra Map

Asmara map in Telephone call of Task: War zone 2 DMZ offers players a diverse POI set and also locations. There are certain structures that have the very same structure that you will certainly see on the map, whether it is police websites or clinical. The latter is an obligatory place to go to those that are searching for clinical materials, such as collections for self-healing, gas masks, AFAR, IFA, radiation blockers and much more.

all locations of hospitals DMZ

In total, in amaze there are 6 medical facilities or hospitals situated at numerous sights. These structures are quickly well-known thanks to their distinct blue-white color as well as L-shaped composition. Hospitals normally remain without defense, but you can discover AI if there is a secure within or when it is locked like a citadel. 1. Health center west of Rohan Oil (C3): located alongside the gasoline station in the village in between the Rohan Oil plant and also the Al-Aqsa job.

  1. City Hospital Asmara (F4): The building of the clinical facility is located in the southern component of the city, beside the message office in the town hall and a gas terminal.
  2. Healthcare facility eastern of Marisa Marshlands (H₅): located in a small community on the eastern borders of the map.
  3. Healthcare facility eastern of the town of Akhtar (H₅): this building can be discovered in the town north of the Al-Malik airport as well as southeast of the top of the hillside of the al-Hakim pass.


  1. Said City Healthcare Facility (D6): Located by the river near the Al Said purchasing facility.
  2. Healthcare facility of the town of Save (D8): The last building of the hospital lies alongside the sunken ship in the swamped city of Sarah Town. As pointed out earlier, you can rob medical facilities for getting medications in addition to various other devices as well as extraction things. Be certain to inspect the 2nd floor of the building as well as discover items on the beds, shelves and also inside the hiding positions with prey, such as first-aid sets, first-aid sets, cupboards and supplies with supplies. Remain with us in the expert guide guides to learn more regarding Phone call of Responsibility: Modern War 2 and War zone 2. In the meanwhile, get acquainted with our write-up Goal Guide in a deep demilitarized area-eliminate enemies during swimming and underwater.