Eiichiro Oda Confirms Pokémon Existence in One Piece Manga Series

The manga written and illustrated by the Japanese Managua Ericeira Odd is one of the longest. Being first published in the Japanese magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump on July 22, 1997, it is one of the public's favorite series and currently has more than a thousand animated chapters. One Piece can be full of strange monsters and creatures that inhabit the seven seas, but what we did not expect was the confirmation that some of them would be the very Pokémon. The fact was confirmed by Ericeira Odd, the artist who gave life to One Piece, in the section known as SBS (Shitshow or Joshua Sure), which is included in each volume of the manga and that translates as answering his questions.

We also discover that pokémon is not the only thing that exists both in the real world and within One Piece. Well, recognized titles were mentioned as to books and illustrated stories refers as Sort, Guerrero del Mar, Dog of Fire and Marco-San. One Piece is close to release a new manga volume, still written and illustrated by the same ode whose cover leaked and shows a wink to the past of the series and the evolution of its protagonists over time.


The anime remains one of the most watched on streaming and TV platforms, a factor as worrying as expected is undoubtedly the launch of the adaptation of the series to a live-action version. Via: Spaghetti Code Editor's note: One Piece is one of the series that if you missed at the time, it is overwhelming to begin to see because its more than one thousand chapters represent a whole commitment. Even so, ask anyone who has encouraged to discover this universe, and it will be difficult for them to find someone who has regretted.