Blue Protocol Japan Network Test Coming Soon - Release of Benchmarking Software and Character Creator

To get ready for the Japanese launch, including the examination, the team has actually released benchmark software to allow any person interested test out their PC specifications to see how points could look and run. The software application will certainly offer you a concept, but the programmers are restricting any type of data mining, however they are permitting individuals to make use of images and also screenshots from the benchmarking software application, without alteration, as long as they are effectively noted therefore. While the software application was launched in Japan and also targeted at the Japanese target market ahead of the test, Blue Procedure DB found language options in the menu.

The Blue Method group held a designer stream yesterday covering the Japanese network examination, which had been postponed after some problems, and also the brand-new benchmarking software application with the character developer.

On the stream, they announced that they are on schedule to fix the errors, yet prior to they launch a substantial network test, they're going to do some large-scale internal testing to make certain that the network examination opening to gamers in Japan will run efficiently.


The criteria software includes the games' character creator, the same that will certainly release with the Japanese version. Given that the devs already removed sharing of screenshots, streams, and video, we can anticipate more demonstrations to appear quickly. You'll additionally be able to save presets as well as import them right into the launch of the video game, examination out lighting, presents as well as get an example of several of the clothes choices.

For a lot more on the criteria software, head to the official website (in Japanese).

While the video game is still on track to launch sometime this year (with Gaming as Banzai Nam cos global publishing companion), first off, (many thanks to Blue Procedure DB for the translations) are some crucial tests as well as launches over in Japan. The major Japanese network test, which got a durable feedback in terms of applications, was delayed due to some problems. Nevertheless, we can expect confirmation from the Japanese team as to when the network examination will certainly happen around mid-March.