Xbox Game Pass: Quests Guide and Instructions KW 06/2023

Today we introduce you to an Xbox Game Pass Quests Guide including guidelines for the KW 06/2023. The brand-new mission week ranges from 7th to February 14, 2023.

Xbox Game Pass Quests KW 06/2023 Guide

  • Quest: Madden NFL 2022
  • Video game: Play 4 online video games
  • Points: 250 points
  • Mission: Play 0/1
  • Video game: Opus: Echo of Star song
  • Points: 5 points That you can finish the quest, a basic start of the game is currently adequate.

The fastest way to complete the mission is to start the video game via the Xbox cloud. Mission: earn your progress-play 3 game pass games or accomplish 3 successes in the Game Pass Games Video game: optional Points: 10 points Instructions: The most convenient way is to play the Game Pass video games here.


A short start is enough so that it is counted. Each week there are 2 video games where you can gather Rewards points, if you have this power you currently have two out of 3 video games. Discover another video game that you may currently have on the Xbox or also install a plot to get the points. To save yourself an installation, a video game from the cloud with the Game Pass app likewise works. Mission: weekly quest-do 3 daily orders Video game: optional Points: 10 points Guidelines: For this mission you need to begin an Xbox Game Pass video game on the Xbox on 3 different days a week. Do this on 3 days and the quest is done.

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