Unlocking More Equipment Slots In Hogwarts Legacy: A Step-By-Step Guide

Hogwarts Legacy is a role-playing game with the open world, filled with spells and secrets of ancient magic. During your magical journey, you will meet chests with equipment and awards of galleons.


The player has only a limited number of equipment slots that you will find, which can irritate, since it will be constantly filled when you find new chests in the world. Here's how to increase the equipment for equipment in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to get more equipment for equipment in Hogwarts Legacy

At the beginning of Hogwarts Legacy, you are limited by 20 equipment slots. This can be increased due to the completion of the tests of Merlin. Merlin tests are puzzles found in the open world left by Merlin himself to solve the player. After you complete the two tests of Merlin, open the Test tab in the field guidance and move on to the study. Then you can get the Merlin Rita award for four additional equipment slots. This can be repeated four more times, each time increasing your equipment for equipment, but Merlin tests are also needed to get a reward.

How to go through Merlin's tests in Hogwarts's Heritage

Merlin’s tests can be seen on the world map in the areas that you have discovered, but they can be identified in a stone circle covered with veins on the ground. You will need mallow leaves to start the path. If necessary, mallow leaves can be bought in Hogs mid; However, you will receive five during the plot quest Merlin Testing. Each test of Merlin is a short puzzle that requires the use of the spell or to move the boulders to the clamping plate using action or light pillars using Intended. After activating the trial version, use Revelry to highlight nearby interactive objects to find elements of the puzzle. Looking for more materials from Pro GAME Guides Hogwarts Legacy? Check out our guidance Can you swim in Hogwarts's heritage? or who is George Erik in the Hogwarts League