Toy Story 5, Frozen 3 and Co.: Several sequels from Disney

Disney fans can eagerly anticipate some sequels of disney and Pixar, most likely the most popular animated films from Disney and Pixar in the next few years. As part of the investor conference on Wednesday, CEO Bob Tiger confirmed these strategies. Specifically, Toy Story 5, Frozen 3 (the ice queen) and Zoo mania 2 are located in production. More information have not yet been unsalable, however soon there need to be the first details. Nevertheless, it will take a while until the movie theater start of these tasks.


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After the release of frozen 2, Disney wished to do without additional sequels to popular rows and bring brand brand-new IPs to the cinema. Films like Onward, Soul, Ray and the last dragon, encanto and more followed. The pandemic made a movie theater release of some films at the time, but impossible-or weak earning outcomes. For that reason, the choice was made to provide the movies instantly or quickly at Disney Plus. Due to the fact that in 2022 Light year and Strange World did not deliver the hoped-for results, Disney obviously focuses on established brand names. With sales of $1.44 billion, Frozen 2 is Disney's most successful animated film. The ice queen predecessor is $1.29 billion directly behind it. And Toy Story 4 and Zoo mania have actually just recently broken the billion-dollar turning point on the box workplace.

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Disney's expectations need to be likewise high. By the way, DOMAIN gets the first follow-up after the debut in 2016-Damit. A long time back, Pixar confirmed a successor for whatever that pertains to the cinema in June 2024. Prior to that, with Essential (Pixar/ June 2023), Dream (Disney/ November 2023) and Eliot (Pixar/ March 2024), three brand-new ideas are planned. Source: Deadline To web page Share comments 0 in Twitter Share Post