The Choice is Yours: Should You Return Zenobia's NOCE Set of Missing Spitting Stones?

In Hogwarts's Heritage, you are given a choice: to return Serbia a NICE Set of missing spitting stones or not. This is what happens to both options and how your decision will affect the intimidated student of Coleman.

is it worth it to leave or return the Gladstone of Serbia in the Hogwarts Heritage?

After talking with Serbia to the astronomical wing from Hogwarts, pieces of a plus stone quest will be unlocked on your map.

In the mission, a student of Ravenclaw will ask you to find six spitting stones, which the students hid in high places throughout the castle. After the search for missing items, the quest will end with two options for the Hogwarts Heritage dialogue, which will allow you to either return it to a plug-stone or leave them to yourself. So what to choose? Both options have the same reward: experience glasses and a round handle of a wand. However, if you save the plugamnits, you will receive negative moments of relations from Serbia. The student will run away in despair and will be angry with you whenever you try to speak with her in the future. From the point of view of knowledge, the quest screen explains that the theft of blue stones can bring you the favor of other students who were annoyed by Serbia Knock. The biggest difference with each choice is whether you want an enemy or friend in the Ravenclaw’s house. It should be noted that you will not get a Gladstone as an object in your inventory, if you decide not to return their Serbia. So there is no additional benefit from their content. Ultimately, you can choose any option, since the remuneration remains the same.


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