Rot-Weiss Essen Denies Simon Engelmann Promotion To Third League

After the 33-year-old had already missed the derby against the MSV Duisburg, the striker probably needs to stop at the upcoming away game at Viktoria Cologne (February 13:7 p.m., live! At ). As the association revealed in a statement, Tengelmann discovered purulent tonsillitis on Monday. Already in January, the reported on the rumors of change around the Essen scorer for the coming season, sports director Noway now commented in clear words about the existing situation of Tengelmann: Nevertheless, his illness-related failure is again warmed by the wildest speculation which we remain in various fan forums conscious deception of the public is accused of being a cheek! Noway highlights that the rumors that the assaulter had requested for a modification of exchange during the winter break were the wrong and fictitious claim.

Such rumors gave the hair in no way help us!, The Essen sports director made it clear in journalism release.


In the present third department season, Tengelmann has seven scorer points in 14 objectives.