PlayStation 5 Update Now Available: What's New and Improved With the Latest Release?

A new update has reached the PlayStation 5, only that this time it is not available to the public, since it is a beta firmware version. The most striking on this occasion is the implementation of Discord and the support for VRR on 1440p devices, although there are also a number of small improvements.


At the moment, the users of the United States, Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany and France, can now download the new PS5 update. To start, Beta access to Discord is now available. Users must link their Discord and PlayStation Network accounts to use the service and then start a call in the mobile application of this platform before transferring it to their console. Although this may sound complicated, it is likely that this is the favorite option for many at the time of playing titles such as Fortnite, which has Cross-Play between Xbox and PC. On the other hand, the frequency of variable update for screens with 1440p resolution is also available for beta users. This allows a more fluid visual performance when using an HDMI 2.1 screen, as long as a game has this option. As if that were not enough, the new beta update also offers a variety of small improvements focused on the user experience. These include: -The ability to share the screen directly from a friend's profile card. -It has added a mosaic of Friends who play, which shows which of your acquaintances also play the title you are seeing. -A new manual load function to send specific game catches to the PS application is now available. -S VR and PS VR2 PS for the Game Library have been added. -It is possible to access a new data transfer function from PS5 to PS5 (available through Wi-Fi or LAN). -A emerging notification window for PS4 games that warns you about any PS4 saved game data that has in the cloud is now available. -It last, in the United States and the United Kingdom users say hey, PlayStation, capture that to save a video clip of some game At the moment it is unknown when this update will be available for the rest of the world in a general way.

However, when you do, all the problems that will surely arise in the next few days, would no longer be available. In related issues, the PlayStation Plus Collection will disappear. Similarly, new sales reach the PlayStation Store. Editor's note: Integration with Discord is something that people expected, and it is good to see that it is finally available, although only for a couple of players at the moment. However, all those who expect great changes to the PS5 interface, it seems that this is not yet.