McDonald's Tests Sustainable Strawless Beverage Lid in USA - Reactions on the Internet

McDonald's has set itself the goal of being more sustainable and utilizing less plastic.


For this, the business wishes to make a change in its range. The American quick food chain now means to banish the plastic straws for drinks.

This is reported by the US newspaper Dining establishment Business. McDonald's has actually established a completely brand-new cup for this. The brand-new lids should prevent the drink from walking out of the cup. There is likewise a tab on them. As soon as the tab is subtracted, the cover looks like that of a common coffee-to-go cup. McDonald's is currently evaluating strawless lids for our cold drinks in picked US markets, explains the chain to Restaurant Company. These lids assist us optimize our packaging and eliminate the usage of little plastic, and are simply an example of the numerous options that we sign in all restaurants and promoting recycling as part of our continuous worldwide commitment.