'KOF: Survival City' preliminary reservation that transformed into SLG

Joy City (CEO Sung-Won CHO) announced on the 13th that it has opened a strategic simulation King of Fighter: Survival City pre-booking page developed by the end.

King of Fighter: Survival City is a survival action SLG made by borrowing SNK's famous fighting game King of Fighters IP. In a devastated world, users and fighters work together to contain stories against Nests.

Users can grow their own territory and collect various fighters in the original and manipulate them in battle. In addition, there are elements that can feel the memories of past entertainment rooms such as game center contents for fighter acquisition.

In addition, the introduction of a machine system to maximize the immersion of the game by providing an experience in which everyone can have fun with the growth content of the estate that could be felt boring in the existing SLG.


All users who participate in the pre-booking will provide gold, captain behavior and popular character Iran Mai, and will receive five premium coins and various goods that can acquire a fighter if they participate in the pre-booking of the market. In addition, if you achieve 1 million pre-bookers, you will be given five premium coins and three additional tiered trinkets of Shrank Mai.

King of Fighter: Survival City plans to launch a soft launch for some countries in the first quarter.

Since then, global launches will be launched for countries around the world, including Korea.

Park Joon-seung, director of Joy City Strategic Business Division, said, King of Fighter: Survival City is a survival action SLG that has survived beyond fighting. We will faithfully implement the core content of the war game as well as the original character and combo action, he said.