Find Out Why You Play Tank, Healer or DPS in World of Warcraft.

Container, Heal or DPS? What role do you play in Wow as well as why? We desire to discover why you play what you play! In World of Warcraft there is the traditional good example that has developed itself MMORPGS-the Holy Trinity. This suggests that all classes and also field of expertises can a minimum of about be separated into the three core tasks: tank, therapist, causative of damage (DPS). The core tasks are simple and also virtually self-explanatory: Storage tanks route the adversaries' strikes as well as shield the remainder of the group. Healers keep the group active and negate adverse impacts.

  • Damages causers do the adversaries with mighty assaults. Generally, this has always caused an absence of tanks and healers in the past of World of Warcraft. You need three times more DPS characters than healers and thanks for a team, the DPS personalities are normally higher. Therefore, this suggests that when forming a team, the DPS locations are filled rather promptly, while healers and storage tanks remain in short supply that are lengthy searched for. So we wish to know what function you play in Wow. With this survey, please note that we are interested in which duty you are presently mainly meeting. Please indicate your duty that you play many of the time in the previous few weeks-second personalities as well as Sunday winks should not be taken into account. Why this study? We desire to discover what the ratio of storage tanks, healers and DPS personalities is amongst the viewers of Mango.


We want to discover out why particular duties are favored, or other duties are scoffed. Please tell us in the remarks why you play your selected function or why you knowingly made a decision versus an additional job.