A Guide To Unlocking The Level 10 Quest In Disney Dreamlight Valley's Elsa Passage

In Disney Dream light Valley, an increase in friendship with Disney characters helps to unlock new quests that you must fulfill. These quests help to solve various secrets surrounding various biomes and each Disney character.

This is how you perform the 10th level Elsa quest in Disney Dream light Valley.

How to go through the secret of the ice cave in Disney Dream light Valley

As soon as you reach the 10th level with Elsa, you unlock the secret of the ice cave to find and reveal the secrets of her lost memories. Start the quest by talking with Elsa, and she will show you the direction of the fresco in the ice cave in the biome of frosty heights. Four pedestals will stand in front of Mural. You will need to collect four ingredients to place them on each pedestal. But before that, Elsa will ask you to talk with Anna, who has a coat of arms. Anna can be found in the forest of valor, and she will tell you that the comb is somewhere in her house. You can find the coat of arms of green inside the floor hours in her house in the forest of valor. You need to take it back to the Elsa Ice Cave near frosty heights and placed on a wall painting. After placing the coat of arms on the wall, talk with Elsa, and she will tell you about four ingredients that need to be placed on every pedestal. These ingredients of the Carnelian pickled herring, white lily of passion, gold ingot, and carrots. You can make a rental pickled herring using these four ingredients: herring, onions, lemon, garlic, basil and any grass (there may be mint, basil, oregano). As for simpler objects, you can find carrot seeds in the Huffman shelves in peaceful meadows for 10-star coins. Power the seeds, pour them and wait 15 minutes until the seeds turn into carrots. The gold inlet is a little difficult, since it needs to be created on a workbench, but first you need to collect gold nuggets from any of these three biomes: forgotten lands, sunny plateau or frosty heights. You will need five gold nuggets and one coal ore to make a gold bullion. Now go to the workbench with these objects and create a gold inlet. For the last object, you will need to go to frosty heights to collect white lily of passion. Gather all these items and return to the ice cave, placing them on four pedestals. The ice fresco covered with ice will automatically disappear, and you can pick up Elsa's beautiful ice dress from the chest. It remains only to return and give Elsa her dress. When you complete the secret of the ice cave, an Elsa dress in the style of cold heart will become a reward for help.


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