The Sentry Trick: How To Deal With The 5 Series 'Sentry' Card In Marvel Snap

Sentry is a 5 series card in Marvel Snap that comes with a very interesting skill that may initially seem a bit difficult to solve.


However, with adequate support letters, you may be able to build a powerful deck that relies on your ability correctly. Here are the best Sentry decks to build in Marvel Snap.

The best Marvel Snap decks for Sentry

First, let's review the statistics line and Sentry's ability in Marvel Snap. This is a letter of 4 costs and 8 powers with the following ability: you cannot play in the correct location. Reveal: add a-8 power void in the correct location. Have to eat-8 power in the lane further to the right hurts, but there are ways to avoid this, as shown in the deck lists below.


Image source: second dinner through The hood Titania Black widow Butcher shop Snake Green Goblin debris polar Star Spider-Man Absorbent man Sentinel America Chávez You can also bow completely in a junk-style deck that is about filling the side with your opponent's opponent's board. Debris, Titania, the combo of Hood and Viper, and Green Goblin help with this. The idea here is to continue filling the board with your opponent, while keeping Carnage nearby to destroy any spare rock that you may have left on your side. However, instead of using Viper to send The Hood on shift 2, you may want to delay that play until you drop Sentry in turn 4. I could also consider put Luke Cage and Hazmat here if you really want to lean In the strategy of weakening all the letters of your opponent while keeping your own intact power.


Image source: second dinner through Night owl Demerara Maria Colin Sentinel Snake lizard Cosmos White Queen Professor x aerodynamic Leader Sentinel The Great Combo Sentry here is to play Sentry in turn 4, followed by Viper and Cosmos in that same lane in turn 5. This makes your opponent no way to respond or send the vacuum back next to the board. With Odin. The other support letters here form a control shell, with Daredevil that allows you .

breaking off

Image source: second dinner through The hood Butcher shop Snake mystery lizard Storm Shang-chi Sorcerer Jessica Jones Sentinel View Magnet This deck is intended to interrupt your opponent's plays as much as possible, at the same time that it limits its game areas. The Sentry and Viper combo is also here, along with letters such as Shang-Chi and Planning to counteract any great ongoing play that your opponent may be trying to configure. Of course, depending on how the goal looks, you could also consider putting letters such as Rogue, Kill monger or Cosmos. Mysterious is here to play mental games with your opponent, Storm is here to block a lane and Jessica Jones, Vision and Magento are also there to support Storm's game. That is done by our selections for the best Marvel Snap decks to build with Sentry.

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