The Lord of the Rings Gollum acquires a bunch of screenshots


There are few details available on the gameplay, but it is assumed that the emphasis will be put on the stealth part of the stealth-action game provided. Gollum is a relatively anxious man, after all, and a lot of opponents might probably wipe the ground with his ass in a loyal fight. Ideally there are no crazy action series nestled in the game, because I (and most players) would find that of an impossible section.

So what do we understand about this video game so far? Very little, apart from the publication window and the systems on which it will be triggered. LOTR: Gollum will be released for the PS5, the Xbox Series X and the PC in the course of 2021. The variation of the video game of Smeaton is supposed to be strictly drawn from the novels, although there is a strong resemblance to the version we have View in the films.


Gaelic has been dealing with a furtive game occurring on midfielder for a little while now, and we lastly have some screenshots. You can see the whole collection of them here. Previously, it appears like a faithful representation of little scathing described in novels.