Resurgence: in 2019, the U23 of SC Prussia won the title at the city championships in Halle Berg

Nothing says success like a three-peat! This past year, 2019, SC Prussia's U23 team won the title at the city championships in Halle Berg for a third consecutive year - an incredible feat! Join us as we take a look back at their journey and the booth magic that allowed them to once again soar to victory.

Three years in a row, from 2017 to 2019, the U23 of SC Prussia won the title at the city champions in Halle Berg Fidel and delighted in the booth magic. In the past two years, 2020 and 2021, the popular Corona hall occasion has actually fallen into the water due to the Corona. A long break that lastly ends in 6 days: With the beginning shot on December 26, the States celebrate their long-awaited return and the Shadow of the Prussian arena is played around the indoor crown once again. As the reigning titleholder, the U23 has the honor of playing the opening video game. Opponent? The Biologist SC Speaker. These include Russia Münster and TSV Handoff to the group of Prussia.

Total in the tournament

We all have absolutely in the tournament. This is just an actually cool occasion, which likewise takes pleasure in fantastic recognition beyond Münster. The city is likewise popular with our kids, says Daniel Headlamp, U23-Co coach, in front of the hall emphasize. Together with his U23 co-coach colleague Marco Roller, he will represent the team throughout the tournament coach and manager Kieran Schulze-Marmeling. This is likewise an enjoyed custom of the U23. Currently, in 2019, at the last title win, Headlamp was a coach behind the gang. Now he himself has extra reinforcements with roller. This is a nice task for us and is excellent fun.


Marco and I can also slip into a various role and, amongst other things, keep the speech to the young boys. That is something unique. A total of 30 groups will fight for the indoor title, with the U23 together with 1. FC Greenback as a top division.

Some boys who have actually concerned us in the previous two years have actually just understood the city. You can currently see the sparkle in your eyes when they hear from the final day with full hall. All of this straight with us-everyone gets great satisfaction, continues Headlamp, who offers his U23 one thing on the method: The kids must simply reveal what they can do on the ball. Go to individually battles, do unique things. We desire to let them play, and they must reveal that they enjoy football. With that, we think, success goes together. To claim that we were the really clear favorite, however would be determined. We understand that everything can take place in the hall.

Ten kids for the hall

The Prussians, who also play the BERBER Cup to get ready for the city, have actually set up a ten-strong squad for the indoor season, from which 8 field players will always play. In addition, Kevin will stand Harden sett in between the posts. Ali CIRAD, Pascal Goodman, Can Poll, Luca Seinfeld, Nick Solution, ANSI Nyasa, Marvin Benjamin's, Elias Demirarslan, Jane TER Horst and Marvin Keel will also be there. That is now, our squad. Of course, something can alter again, however the young boys have indicated that they truly feel like it. We are pleased, states Headlamp. For the very first time, an ex-Stadtis fleet team will likewise exist, which likewise exists kickers who have currently played along, however are now on the ball outside the city limits. As always, we begin on the second Christmas day, the grand ending will increase in excellent old tradition on December 30th and will definitely attract many Mutterers to the Hall Berg Fidel once again.