Michael Jordan Reveals The Truth About Steroids In The NBA

The NBA has been long suspected of having a steroid problem, but the issue has never been addressed in an open and honest way... until now. In this article, we'll explore Michael Jordan's recent revelation about steroids in the NBA and what it could mean for the sport going forward.

Midway through, the question moved to a more serious t1. Jordan was inquired about the gamers' usage of steroids while actively playing in the league.

Michael Jordan dropped a truth bomb about the NBA and its relationship with performance-enhancing drugs. In the league's early days, gamers tended to depend on drugs as it was rampant in society, making it acceptable to use them.

Marvin R. Shaken sat down with the Chicago Bulls legend in 2005. In the interview, they talked about Jordan's basketball journey and how it shaped him. From his playing days back at North Carolina to making it big and winning championships with the Bulls, they covered all of it.

Be it legal or illegal drugs, there have been numerous cases where gamers were seen or admitted to using specific substances. Nowadays, making use of cannabis has been acceptable to the masses. Gamers like J.R. Smith, Al Harrington and Stephen Jackson all honestly admitted to smoking cigarettes weed.

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Michael Jordan made it clear that he wasn't motivated with his colleagues using drugs

In 2020, Netflix launched a documentary series about the final season of Michael Jordan with the Bulls. The 10-episode docuseries, The Last Dance, included a better take a look at what the team's locker space resembled, Scottie Pippin's beef with Jerry Krause and the early years of Jordan in the NBA.

MJ was a 21-year-old looking to make an effect on the court when he was drafted in 1984. He was prevented by some of his colleagues' method of spending their totally free time. He experienced how widespread using drugs was and shared his discomfort in the documentary.


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In the interview, they talked about Jordan's basketball journey and how it formed him. Be it legal or unlawful drugs, there have actually been many cases where gamers were seen or confessed to using certain substances. He witnessed how rampant the usage of drugs was and shared his pain in the documentary.