Fortnite: Nanites and Lumens

Fortnite has been making waves in the last week after an update to Unreal Engine 5.1, which added nanite and lumen support to the battle royale. This improvement vastly increases graphical fidelity and makes the game look totally different.

The current upgrade not only adds nanite and lumen assistance for PC, however also on PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series S | X earlier today. The improvements imply much better lighting, better, more in-depth geometry throughout the scene, in addition to better shadow maps with every designed item in the video game casting a reasonable shadow.

For an exceptionally deep-dive take a look at the brand-new update, Digital Foundry has released a video, showing Fortnite's UE 5.1 transformation in its full glory. You can examine it out in the embed below.

Fortnite made waves in the last week after an update to Unreal Engine 5.1 included nanite and lumen support to the battle royale. The improvements vastly increase visual fidelity, to the point where Impressive's battle royale appears like an absolutely different video game.


What was more outstanding was booting my PlayStation 5, hopping into a match, and not seeing any dips below 60 fps during extreme action. I was concerned that we would see either a real destruction of the visuals or an unstable frame rate. Still, Legendary has done a stellar job guaranteeing the stability of Fortnite even with the whistles and bells made it possible for on the new-gen console.

Lumen may be of the majority of importance for console gamers, as it includes software-based ray tracing to Fortnite, with reflections on water and glossy surface areas. It likewise makes it possible for real-time international lighting, bounce lighting, and more, offering a more realistic look across the fight royale.

I have actually invested some time in-game this week, and guy, it looks like a completely brand-new game as a result. I've discovered myself investing more time in awe of the visuals now rather of hunting gamers (however, I did can be found in second one match, which is the closest I've ever gotten to a Fight Royale myself). fortnite impresses on PC, especially when you flip on the hardware-accelerated ray tracing choices, letting loose the full power of the 40-series GPU in my rig.