5 Ways Fortune Seekers Can Help You Find Treasures

Fortune seeker is an integral part of the treasure search process in Dragon Quest Treasures. It is used to search for hidden treasures nearby. As soon as you come close enough, your monsters will send you visions to help you determine its exact location. Nevertheless, at first it can confuse a little, so here is a brief leadership.


Treasury Search Guidelines for Dragon Quest Treasures

Your Fortune Finder can be used by clicking the L + Rail button down the button. As a rule, you will want to use your states seeker if your monsters talk to you with a balloon with a yellow contour. If you come close enough to the treasure, the word balloon will be covered with red.

Why is my Fortune Finder?

The seeker of good luck will not be available if the hidden treasure is very far away. That's why it is better to wait until your monsters give you a sign before using it. Nevertheless, you can use Fortune Finder even without a sign from your group, if the treasure is in a radius of action. Fortune Finder also cannot be used to search for silver chests with treasures. If the balloon with the treasures of your monsters is circled by a silver contour, check your map, since the exact location of a silver chest with treasures will be marked on it.

How to find more gold treasures in Dragon Quest Treasures

If you notice that your treasure search expeditions do not find gold chests with treasures, this is most likely for two reasons: Treasure forecast is not perfect You take the wrong set of monsters with you Treasures are divided into ten types: statues of heroes, statues of monsters, maps, otherworldly objects, weapons, armor, objects and key objects. Monsters have a type of treasure that they hunt for. The climate of treasures, which changes every time you return to your base, changes on every island.

Some types of treasures are more common than others, and you need monsters that will help you find them. You can check the preferred type of monster treasures in its profile. This can be found in the option of parties on your menu. To learn more about Dragon Quest Treasures, take a look at the best monsters of the early game that you can hire in Dragon Quest Treasures, and how to equip medals in Dragon Quest Treasures, how to equip medals in Dragon Quest Treasures, here in Pro Game Guides.