This is Bookpets, the video game that fosters the habit of reading in children

Given the strength of emerging media that nourish children entertainment, a Spanish startup places its point of view to boost the habit of reading through the video game. From that search is Booklets, a project that integrates traditional reading in the digital environment, increingly present from the early stages of life.

What is Booklets?

Those responsible describe it a transmedia project made up of a video game and a book, Imagination stories: the rescue of the Booklets. In this way they seek that the digital world and the analog live bed on an own, unique and disruptive methodology: game reading.

For those who do not know what it is, we are facing a methodology that contributes to the improvement of reading abilities through the generation of repeated audiovisual impacts, a system of fragmented readings and fully integrated into the narrative, which stands out for Promote the imagination of children. The age range they point to between 7 and 12 years.


In the video game, users travel to the world of imagination, composed of four islands full of magical creatures: sanctuary, Valencia, acts and alternate. Up to a total of 54 of these nice creatures with wings will accompany you on the trip through the adventure. You will have to free them from their cages-book to return their freedom by touring the game and getting special keys through reading.