Summary of sales information of PS5 [November 1] - Geo and Used book Market are being carried out at multiple receptionists, etc.

PlayStation 5 (PS5), which provides new generation game experiences, was released on November 12, 2020. This PS5 is still difficult to obtain as of 2022, and there is more demand for supply.

Here, we will check the latest information on the sales status of PS5 and the lottery sales, and focus on recruitment for a certain extent that can be applied on the web or on the official app. Please check here for information such as receptionists that you have not yet applied.

◆ Status of November 1st ─ Lots of lottery sales included in the God of War Ragnarok now

Despite the irregular period, each store is selling lottery sales, and at the moment, Geo, Used book market, Dion Net Shop, etc. are continuing to sell lottery sales. However, now is the mainstream of lottery sales for the God of War Ragnarok.


In addition, Amazon is accepting an invitation request (a disk drive-equipped/digital edition) for the new model CFI-1200. If you apply in advance, you will be contacted when you win.

This invitation request is not only the main unit, but also includes the HORIZON FORBIDDEN WEST (Disc Drive-equipped/digital edition) and Gran Tourism 7 (Disc Drive-equipped/Digital Edition). If you are planning to purchase each title, please consider the invitation of the bundled version and the invitation of the bundled version. In addition, there is also a request for invitation to Xbox Series X, so please apply for those who want this.

In addition, Sony Store Osaka has distributed lottery tickets to announce the winning results on the day from October 29, 2022, to November 13, 2022. The lottery ticket is distributed every day during the period, and the winning number is announced on Sony Store Osaka Twitter, so if you participate, be sure to check it out.

◆ About lottery sales of Geo

Geo has started selling PS5 (regular version/digital edition) included in the God of War Ragnarok. This application is accepted by the official app Geo App.

The reception period of this lottery sales is until 17:59 on November 2. For members who have a Point card with a store rental member function, it is also essential to cooperate with the Geo app and the Point member ID. In addition, when you win, you will be required to present identity verification documents and Point card or geography app (app membership card) mentioned above.

◆ About lottery sales of Used book market

The used book market has a lottery sales of PS5 (regular version/digital edition) included in the God of War Ragnarok, and accepts its application on the web.

This application requires a registered member number of the Zurich Point App. If you are not a member yet, complete the enrollment procedure before applying. When you win, you must come to the store within 3 days, including the day of the winning notice, and purchase it. Also, please note that you will not be able to purchase unless you match all the information at the time of applying.

◆ About lottery sales of Dion Net Shop

The Dion Net Shop has started new lottery sales and is accepting applications until 23:59 on November 2. This time, only the God of War Ragnarok, which is a model equipped with a disc drive, will be included only.

This lottery sale is for Dion Card Member or 100 Bolt Members (including family cards). In addition, it is necessary to meet conditions such as Registered with Dion Net Shop Dion App, registered card membership information and possession of a smartphone that can receive short messages (SMS).

◆ About Eon lottery sales

Eon announced that it will accept lottery sales from November 8 in the official app Missouri Public App. The application period is short until 19:59 on November 9, so do not forget to start the application date and time.

This time, it is a lottery sale limited to Honshu / Shikoku, and the Missouri Public App ID is required for application. When you win, it will be purchased at a store in Honshu / Shikoku, which specifies the receipt.