Red Dead Online Collector Kits

I have already taken a look at what is readily available for you if you follow the perk hunter course and now, in the second of the 3 guides, I will look at what you can buy as you advance in the ranks. As a collector.

Absolutely nothing comes at a lower expense Red Dead online and there is nod exception here, however if you want to be the best possible collector, you will then need to pay the needed biggest to get the very best of the finest. From horses to carts through all brand-new clothing, here is a guide of each kit, what it consists of, and the level to which each article will cost you dear.


The witch hunt is the name of the video game here, and after you went to Madame Nagar and you bought the collector's cover for 15 For pieces or that it was used to you free of charge, because you had the knowledge of Follow this guide brilliantly composed. It reveals you all the locations for 54 playing cards in GTA Online; You are complimentary to cross the Far West and discover all this naughty lucre.

Red Dead Online: Collector Kits

  • Wallingford's clothing: $348.25
  • Collector shoulder bag: $125.00
  • Mitford compass: 4 gold coins
  • Fine-tuned twins: $450.00
  • Aguilar Machete: 6 gold
  • Metal detector: $700.00
  • Theme of the collector's camp: $700.00

Package distinguished

Set established

promising kit

  • Emote Take a look at the range: $200.00
  • Londonderry attire: $545.00
  • 2 Criollo horses: $950.00
  • Expedition hat: 6 Gold

  • Pellet Pennington: $350.00

  • Wentworth outfit: $250.00
  • Webster handgun belt: $100.00
  • Two Criollo Homes: $150.00
  • Taking a trip loop: 4 gold
  • LANCASTER Repeater Alternative: $350.00

Newbie package

  • Webster case: $75.00
  • Glade water costume: $446.75
  • Lantern: $350.00
  • Balloonist Googles: 9 gold
  • Linked bandana: 2 gold coins
  • Volcanic handgun variation: $500.00
  • Two Criollo horses: $550.00