Opportunities for possibilities and flicks change cause the break

Germany's nationwide gamer had actually developed a strong signal for their entry into this controversial World Cup. In the mandatory group picture after playing the hymn, the members of the beginning eleven demonstratively held a hand in front of their mouths as a protest against the dictatorial technique of FIFA in the restriction on scandalous binding. The fact that these images in the live recording managed by the World Association did not walk around the world reveals as soon as again what rigorous suggests the FIFA is utilizing. Thanks to the ARD and their electronic camera work, the pictures flickered over the German screens, and they were universal on the net anyhow.

Flick and his workforce had made a strong signal even in the stylish competitors in the vastness of the retired Khalifa stadium. And for a good hour they put this project into practice with a dominant performance, were the clearly better group, hardly let anything burn on the defensive, gained a wealth of scoring opportunities at the front and, according to Play Gunboat's charge, had actually long been greater have to.

that has nothing to do with bad luck

However, a huge drawback that has accompanied the DFB selection in the past couple of months continued in Doha in an eventful way. As in the two National League video games against England (1: 1, 3: 3) and in the March friendly against the Netherlands (1-1), the German team might not bundle a lead to a win. Comparable to the day before, Argentina in the surprising 1: 2 against Saudi Arabia (after 1-0 lead) was missed out on by the DFB selection to force the preliminary choice in the strong phase-and was extremely punished by effective Japanese. This has nothing to do with bad luck, far more with quality and conviction, that starts at the front with Kai Havertz and Serge Gnabry, and stops at the back with Niklas Sure and Nico Schlotterbeck.

Flick set off the break in the German game

Germany's national player had come up with a strong signal for their entry into this questionable World Cup. The truth that these images in the live recording controlled by the World Association did not go around the world shows as soon as again what rigorous suggests the FIFA is using. Müller's modification was easy to understand and most likely essential, the 10 world champion had no competition on the ten world champion for six weeks.

Hansi Flick also offered the turning point in this rough video game with his replacements. 10: 2 was the possibility ratio when the nationwide coach in the 67th minute took his veteran Play Gunboat and Thomas Müller anchored in the center of the field, however changed Leon Goretzka and Jonas Hoffmann. In total, Flick dissolved his axis, which caused a big break in the German video game.

It stays to be hoped that the brutal dissatisfaction, of which the flick said after the video game, streams into an effective rearing.

Nothing has been lost for Flick and his group yet, however the second video game on Sunday versus Spain will be able to go to the last.


Müller's modification was probably essential and reasonable, the 10 world champion had no competitors on the ten world champion for 6 weeks. It stays incomprehensible why the Gunboat, which was formerly persuading as a strategist, had to provide method and was not preferred to the ten. In any case, the balance of power reversed, the video game left hand from a German perspective: Japan won five opportunities in a row and turned the game against a now entirely unsorted German group.