Knorr's eleven objectives insufficient Füchse Berlin declares very first place

The Foxes Berlin won the top video game in the HBL. 25: 3 points likewise indicate the best start to the season in club history.

The best Berlin launchers were Lapse Andersson and Hans Lindberg with eight objectives each. With the lions, Jury Knorr extended with eleven goals. Patrick Gretzky, who extended his contract till 2026 prior to the video game, scored 7 goals. In the coming season, nationwide player Gretzky is expected to play his 500th Bundesliga video game for the Mannheim.

6: 1 run brings the initial choice

SC DHFK Leipzig-Melsungen 40:33 (18:21).

Goals for Leipzig: Civic 8, Mismatch 7, V. Kristiansen 6/3, Magic 6, Withe 5, Ernst 4, Lima 2, Binder 1, Sunnefeldt 1. Objectives for Messenger: Canada 8, K. Hefner 7, Into 4, Martini 4/2, Andersson 3, E. Jonson 3, A. Gomes 2, Calabash 1, Malasinskas 1/1. Referee: Fabian Rampart (retirement home)/ Sasha Wild (Elgersweiher). Viewers: 3789. Lawbreaker minutes: 2/6. Disqualification: -/-.

The video game was very balanced in the very first half. After a couple of minutes, playmakers Jacob Hold then carried out 2 playback errors in a row, which immediately penalize the lions with easy gates through speed thrusts. Now the foxes first ran after a two-goal deficit. The visitors increased in particular in the defense. In addition, Fuchs keeper Dean Milosavljev entered into have fun with essential parades, he also held a seven-meter. In the 16th minute, Andersson put the fox in the lead once again (11:10).

With a 6: 1 run, they were able to settle for the first time in the video game up until the 44th minute (26:21). The lions discovered options too rarely against the really variable attacking game of the visitors.

Objectives for the lions: Knorr 11/4, Gretzky 7, He lander 4, Lagergren 4, Kirkelökke 2, Mosbacher 2, For sell Schubert 1, Gílson 1. Objectives for the foxes: Andersson 8, Lindberg 8/3, Hold 5, Arsenic 5, M. Ludovic 3, Dark 2, Drug 1, Poplar 1, Wide 1. Referee: Suresh Thiyagarajah (Gummersbach)/ Ramesh Thiyagarajah (Gummersbach). Viewers: 8154. Bad guy minutes: 4/6. Disqualification: -/-.

We are obviously very satisfied, stated Foxes-Rechtsrag Hans Lindberg: The first half was a bit hairy, we made a lot of errors. Had a whole game under control. For the Danes it was a leading performance in a leading game, however I have excellent regard for my group.

TSV Hannover-Burgdorf-HSG Regular 23:26 (10:14).

The Foxes Berlin won the top video game in the HBL. Patrick Gretzky, who extended his agreement up until 2026 before the video game, scored 7 objectives. The game was extremely balanced in the first half. With a 6: 1 run, they were able to settle for the very first time in the game up until the 44th minute (26:21). For the Danes it was a top performance in a leading video game, but I have terrific regard for my group.

We were likewise well there in 2015, stated head coach Jason Sievert after the game at Sky: This year we wish to cut off much better and do not offer anything away. The boys have actually made it impressive. Now we need to go on the gas. The foxes are traded as a major title prospect.

Objectives for Minded: Harmful 7, Ahouansou 6, Genetic 6, Forte 4/2, STAAR 4, Richtzenhain 3, Klansman 1/1, Urban 1. Goals for Hamm-Westfalen: Pretzewofsky 5, Saw was 5, Hermann 4/1, Schulz 3, Dayan 2, Bauer 1, Eventful 1, Borowski 1, by Boeing 1. Referee: Jannie Otto (Kiel)/ Raphael Piper (Kiel). Viewers: 2050. Wrongdoer minutes: 6/6. Disqualification: -/-.

Rhein-Neckar Löwen-Füchse Berlin 32:34 (16:16).

TSV GWD Minden-asv Hamm-Westfalen 32:23 (16: 9).

The first half was a bit hairy, so we made too many errors.

Hans Lindberg

Objectives for the warriors: Gerbil 7/4, B. Ludovic 4, Base 3, Robotic 2, Büchner 2, Edvardsson 2, Kuzmanovski 2, Michalczik 1. Goals for Regular: Rubin 8, Millard 4, Novak 3/3, Living 2, Nikolić 2, Shelter 2, E. Schmidt 2, Wagner 2, Easterner 1. Referee: Jörg Loppaschewski (Berlin)/ Nils Blumer (Berlin). Viewers: 3973. Bad guy minutes: 2/6.


Disqualification: -/-.