Artist creates Hyperrealist Pokémon illustrations

Something that has always fascinated Pokémon fans, is to see how these pocket creatures would be seen in real life. Although The Pokémon Company and Game Freak will surely never answer this question, an artist offers us his own interpretation of this topic, and the result is spectacular.


Like other fans, George Evangelist, a digital artist from Melbourne, Australia, was given the task of creating a series of illustrations that show us how the various Pokémon that we have seen over the years would see, with a style, with a style, with a style realistic visual.

As they could see, some of these, such as Horn, look equal to certain animals in the real world, which makes sense, since Game Freak has been inspired by nature and its inhabitants to create some of the most iconic designs in the series.

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Editor's note:

Most of these realistic works focus on the Pokémon of the first two generations. It would be more interesting to see how creatures like Vacillate or Primarily look under this visual style. We just have to wait for someone to do this a reality.