All areas of the Draugr holes in God of Battle Ragnarok

Are you questioning where all the Drug openings are located? You have to duplicate this 5 times after you have shut this initial Drug opening. After you have actually shut all the Drug openings, you obtain an upgrade for your Blades of Chaos.

all locations of the Draubrlöcher in God of War Ragnarök

You can discover Svartalfheim's very first Draugr-hole at the watchtower near the mystical gateway.

The AppleCore-Svartalfheim

The Brachland-Alfheim

You will see Svartalfheim's second Draugr-hole behind big doors prior to reaching the end result that results in the bigger pits of Jasmina.

You will find this Draugr-hole as quickly as you reach the fallow land with the sled. Climb up the initial rock structure you see on the left and the Draugr-hole is on the platform.

There are 6 Drug holes that are dispersed over the nine realms. We have actually given you with photos of the card as a reference and simple instructions to find every Drug opening.

The Wachturm-Svartalfheim

the lake of the nine-Midgard

You will certainly find this Drug opening in the northeast prior to reaching King's Grave. Northwest of the Raider hiding area, where the Draugr-hole is located, there is a syllable rocky lead.

The deserted village-Vanaheim

You will find the initial Drug opening from Anaheim in the deserted town. Navigate to the bridge that leads you to the entry of a huge cave with a waterfall moving next to it. You will certainly discover the Drug hole after going across the bridge.

You will discover Anaheim's 2nd Drug hole on a watercraft dock. This Draugr-hole is only available when the river moves via the crater. Cross the island with the icy flash to the east as well as you will locate the boat dock.

The Layers-Vanaheim

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God of Battle Ragnarök is now offered on PlayStation 4 and also PlayStation 5.

After you have shut all 6 Drug holes, you earn enough mayhem triggers to obtain the mayhem fire. Revive a smithy and also make use of the disorder fire to improve your blades of mayhem!

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You have to duplicate this five times after you have shut this very first Drug opening. After you have actually closed all the Drug holes, you get an upgrade for your Blades of Turmoil. You will certainly find the first Drug opening from Anaheim in the abandoned village. You will certainly come across the Drug opening after crossing the bridge.


Furthermore, you will locate Anaheim's second Drug opening on a boat dock.