The Grinch becomes a murderous psychopath in Slher The Mean One: First Image

The The Grinch , the popular Christm character protagonist of a good handful of stories for children, will star in this December 2022 his own Terror Slher's film under the title of The Mean One , in which it will become a dangerous serial killer. This is collected by the media specialized in Cine Deadline, sharing a first image that betrays the tone of this new adaptation not suitable for minors. All this following the wake of another children's character that will soon terrorize us with his own Slher Blood and Honey slope, with a Winnie The Pooh bloody to more could not.

This new Grinch hates more than Christm

Thus, The Mean One presents us to the most violent and twisted version of the Grinch, that popular greenish character who hates Christm and takes the identity of Santa Claus to ruin such a pointed fet for the residents of Villain. And while in the original stories the Grinch ends up learning the lesson and what Christm means for the inhabitants of the town of it, in this new version focused on an adult audience it seems that he takes a quite different path; and bloody .

Directed by the filmmaker and producer Steven Lahore , the producer XYZ films hopes to relee The Mean One on digital platforms and for free this next December 15, 2022 , just in time to celebrate The most bloody Christm we can imagine. David Howard plays a Grinch painkiller who ches her from her Cindy (Wrestle Martin), who seeks revenge for the murder of her parents twenty years ago, in the middle of Christm.

Recall that the Grinch h already appeared in several adaptations such the animated film of Illumination -creators of the next Super Mario movie with Nintendo and from which we had its first trailer just a few days ago-O the mythical adaptation Live Action starring Jim Carrey . Although this new grinch seems to have quite different intentions... it is expected that the first trailer of him does not take long to arrive.