Riot dev replies to claims League placed is 'deliberately unreasonable' to maintain players grinding longer

In spite of the quick reaction from Riot, BID_to_the_moon had not been satisfied with the response. Been around long enough to understand that's not the case, they claimed, prior to being showered with down votes.

After Reddit customer yourLoLideaisshit shared their tale of needing to dodge games with their teammates having a 40 to 30 percent win rate, BID_to_the_moon asserted Riot purposefully fixes games to enhance the time you invest playing.


_ League of Legends'ranking system has been a debatable topic from the moment it was presented to the game, largely since frustrated gamers sought a coping system after devastating beats. As the ranking system advanced throughout the years, aiming to decrease line times, skill discrepancy between opposing teams, and autofill regularity, one of the most competitiveOrganizationplayers remained to slam it. In a recent Reddit thread, where gamers as soon as again struck the stability of the matchmaking system, a Riot Gaming designer reacted to their complaints.

Suzerain contributed to the discussion by saying win rate is not a criterion. If an iron player obtains far better or a silver gamer becomes worse as well as they both wind up in bronze, they'll be match made with other bronze players.

No, video games are intentionally unfair. They do not place you in a video game where you theoretically have a 50% possibility to win based on ranks, otherwise you get to true MMR too quickly and stop playing, they said. They give you 5 games where you have a 55% opportunity of winning, after that 5 video games where you have a 45% opportunity of winning, and also you climb up by constantly surpassing in games you're intended to lose.

Riot Suzerain straight responded to this by saying Riot doesn't meddle with the matchmaking system in such a vicious means. No, we don't do that. Aim for as near to 50% every time.