LOL: Rekkles has spent more than $ 40,000 on tattoos only; Pro Player's crazy numbers

A It is not yet clear in which professional team of League of Legends the Pro Player European Reckless will play next year. Everyone expects him to leave the Carmine Corp to join a LEC team, but the transfer window has not taken off yet, and we have to wait to see more clearly. Meanwhile, the Swedish is busy the best he can. After participating in the last LEC ending as a guest of honor, he is currently oadcasting Worlds 2022 matches with his reactions and comments.

And even if the World Cup games are on the flower, he takes the opportunity to talk to his chat to talk about anything and anything. Recently he gave some details about his famous tattoos, revealing that has invested more than €9,000, approximately $40,000 in them. It is also worth checking the numbers for dedicated hours to do all of them.

€9 thousand is not much... for a pro player like him

Reckless estimated that he spent that amount on his tattoos. He did not elaborate deeply, but we imagine that it is only his last wave of tattoos, including his arms, legs, chest and back. Remembering that the Swedish has been tattooed for a long time, but in the past he had a very different style. In particular, he has famous tattoos with his written name. Main ADC also clarified that the price is approximate, in particular because he paid his tattoo artist in Swedish crowns and had to juggle the exchange rate.

The value of $40,000 is a substantial sum , but for those who are as much as he is not as expensive... Reckless indicated that these €9,000 comprised more than 100 hours of work , That is, €90 per hour is still a more than suitable business. To be stated, the player hopes to keep in touch with his tattoo artist, with whom he relates well. After all, spending so much time together being so close helps to create ties.

Reckless, the most lucrative player in Europe?

Reckless Pay attention to your image. It must be said to be a and by itself. In addition to his level of play and his history being a multi-champion European, he above all has a huge fan base. Very active on social networks, he has posed for major ands like Ralph Lauren, Gucci and Nike. When he retires from the competitive certainly a career as a streamer awaits him. But with its influence it can also become a ambassador or model of a and.

In Europe, it is not clear who could compete with him. Sportingly speaking, players like Caps, Janos or Perez are certainly superior to Reckless, but so far they have not been able to capitalize their image as much as the Swedish.

Photo of the original cover of reckless.