I got everything under control again.

I was really refraining from doing well. I had big troubles and pain. The whole program.

At 37 years old, prostate cancer cells was diagnosed. What symptoms did you have?

Mr. Hart wig, European Cup winner, German champion, what was your largest success?

That I efficiently dealt with the cancer.

What took place following?

I was operated as well as a number of metastases have been removed.

No, a suffering was followed that was really tough. It took a very long time before I was useful as well as really painless once more. But I got every little thing under control again. I always had in my head: You can not bid farewell to 37!

after that they weren't fit again.

What particularly could you do after the operation?


This testicular cancer might have been triggered by prostate cancer cells metastases. This procedure as well as the consequences were less significant than in the first health problem.

Just 2 years after the prostate surgical treatment, testicular cancer cells was located. How did you manage this?

After prostate operations, guys typically experience from unwanted loss of pee. What do you state individuals who repent of it?

I mainly educated the pelvic flooring. You enhance the muscular tissue as well as method so that whatever works normally once more.

If you believe of various other repercussions of cancer cells, uncontrolled urine loss shows up less than the end of the world. The huge issue is loss of control. Especially given that there are premium aids such as inlays or underclothing that ensure terrific flexibility in daily life.

Did you alter a great deal in your life after your two cancer?

Generally, I live much healthier. I consume different, extra vegetables and also much less meat. I regularly do some sporting activity, without tension, just with enjoyable. Furthermore, I have to obtain something again throughout pelvic floor training, which was a bit brief. My largest wellness aspect is my 2 girls-mouths terrific wife and our great daughter.

Do you intend to be a role model? Instance?

You talk honestly regarding your ailments and also are committed to explanation of health and wellness. Why?

Because possibly I can help other people with my experiences. Although there are even envious individuals who assert: Hart wig never had cancer cells, otherwise he would certainly not manage it so honestly.

The reality is that I am one of millions of cancer clients. I desire to urge individuals to go their means, additionally with a handicap. I can just advise every person: go to the provision and concentrate on today, not in the morning.

Lastly, a football question: Will Germany come to be globe champ in December?

If you believe of other consequences of cancer cells, uncontrolled pee loss appears much less than the end of the globe. The large issue is loss of control. My biggest health aspect is my two girls-mouths terrific other half and our wonderful child.

Naturally I wish the team, yet it won't be simple. The Franz would state look a look.

The reality is that I am one of millions of cancer cells patients. I want to encourage individuals to go their way, also with a handicap.