Call of Duty Modern Warfair 2 Tier1 Mode Implementation soon -announcement of problems at the ps5/ps4 party.

The official Twitter account for Japan of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2) has posted about the implementation of Tier1 (former hardcore) mode and the problems that have occurred. Did.

The Tier1 mode was not included in the game at launch at the time of launch, quoting the tweet posted by Infinity Ward for overseas. However, it is said that it will be implemented immediately, and for the domestic, it will be announced as soon as it becomes clear!

Will In the same account, as a defect information, if a party is formed between PS5 and PS4, the phenomenon that the processing will be reduced or crashed will be confirmed, and the crash will be investigated when parties between some players. It has been announced that the inside and the PS version have an update to fix some bugs, including footsteps.

In addition to the above inquiries, you want to check the past tweets when making inquiries, you will contact customer support instead of the same account for problems such as unauthorized PCs, and please fill in the details. It has been warned that the return refund will be contacted to each platform, and that the network is stable for wired connection. In addition to them, we do not recommend mobile routers and tethering, and that PS4 also reports problems due to aging of hard disks.

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