PayPal deletes free service - function soon no longer available

PayPal offers customers some options and collateral to pay. But the company wants to delete a free offer for online shopping.

PayPal Germany-not only to send money to friends, is useful PayPal. For purchases on the Internet, customers can pay through the login via the platform and are secured by the so-called buyer protection. The company even covers shipping costs under certain conditions. But that should end in the future, as knows.

PayPal announced from free service-shipping costs will soon no longer be reimbursed

Although fraud stitches repeatedly cause a stir over PayPal, countless people continue to use the platform and its offers. This includes that PayPal takes over the prices for returns, in the event that online shops do not offer the return free of charge. However, this is only possible for a short time.

PayPal's customers have so far been able to send the goods received free of charge at twelve orders per year. This is possible for a value of 25 euros per order that was paid entirely via the portal. There is the possibility to have a free return label printed out via PayPal. Alternatively, registered users can fill out and submit a form. This is possible up to 30 days after returning.

However, if you have not yet used this option, you can no longer activate it, the company said. Customers who have already registered the service at free shipping costs can use it under the menu item Activities. Then select the corresponding transaction and select the Detour option (more news about digital at ).

returns with PayPal free-popular service ends soon for customers

However, this is only possible for a few weeks. Customers should therefore act quickly in order to be able to use the service.

It is only an option until November 26, 2022, at 11:59 p.m. to receive free return labels via PayPal or to submit applications to reimbursement of shipping costs. From November 27, the company will no longer want to accept such forms. In addition, the links to the form for free returns should then no longer be available under the activities in your own account.

So far, nothing has been officially known about the exact reasons for this consistent decision (as of September 23). The company explains: Update and constantly develop new offers for our customers at PayPal. Sometimes certain services have to be set as part of these larger changes.

PayPal completes free returns-buyer protection is retained for customers

However, this responsible point out that buyer protection should remain available to the registered users. As a result, customers can secure themselves if there are problems with delivery or the ordered goods. PayPal also offers a special payment function for customers via the smartphone.

The digital experts from do not rule out that customers have used the free service too often and that the company can no longer or do not want to manage the costs. After all, the function of PayPal per customer has saved up to 300 euros per year.

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