How to change the angle of the camera in FIFA 23

In FIFA 23, players can choose from various finished options to configure the camera angle for the perfect view. You can also configure the scale, height and other factors to get the right perspective of the entire field. The camera settings can be changed during the game in various gaming modes, such as the career mode, network seasons and even Ultimate Team. The default setting may not provide perfect vision, so players can choose from many options for the camera. Here's how to change the camera angle in FIFA 23.

how to switch cameras to FIFA 23

To change the camera angle in FIFA 23, visit the game settings . Go to camera tab, and you will find a number of options for choosing. On this tab, you can change the settings of a single game, a multi-user game, Pro clubs, be a keeper and a binding to a player’s camera. In the Be goalkeeper mode, we recommend that you maintain the angle of viewing of the End to End or Pro camera, as this gives you more viewing over the field. Options for the angle in single game , Professional clubs and also multi-user camera are as follows:

  • Default
  • Sports game camera EA

FIFA * Bisexual * Body * Cooperative * Classic * Dynamic * Ends meet * Pro * Broad

In the same way, you can configure the angle for the BE A Keeper camera. We recommend changing these settings in advance, as you may not have enough time during the match. In addition, players can also configure the camera parameters by changing their default value. Select custom Option in Settings of the camera to change the height of the camera, increase the camera, increase the PRO camera, Pro camera speed and turn the Pro camera. You can also enable the Power Shot Zoom functions on the Camera tab. This adds dynamic camera processing when your players try to use Power Shot during matches.

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