LOL: A professional player wins a Master alone without doing a damage point

Few video games have the ability to continue surprising us for more than 10 years. League of Legends is one of them, since in addition to the novelties in terms of Riot Games champions, there is also a huge legion of players achieving stories that are worth it. The last one is perhaps the strangest we have ever seen.

To the professional player Jason Rune Schrage, Toplaner of the German Second Division team Wesports , something happened. We had never seen. The German won a game of Solq making a total of 0 points of damage to enemy champions . It is not that it is something you should boast, but it is such a statistically unlikely fact that it does not make any meaning.

It had to be Trynda (and Teemo)

Obviously, there are a number of facts that precede such a strange game in no less than the Master Division. Rune achieved what is usually called a free victory , since he barely collaborated to victory. Although in his tweet he explains a little what happened in the invoker's crack.

Playing as Tryndamere, he found himself in front of a teem that began to zone from minute 1 . Thanks to the difference in rank, Rune could not leave the tower of it, leading him to a tremendously defensive line phase. He could not harm Teemo, or try offensive actions outside of top.

However, his team made the car. In particular, a Yone 11/1/3 led the rival team of Rune A surrendered to the 15th minute ; As soon as he had a chance. This caused Rune's Tryndamere not to have the necessary time to harass other rival champions that were not that unattainable Teemo.

of caste comes to the greyhound

Doctor Maybe you have not noticed, but the last name should sound to you if you are a fan of the competitive legends. Rune is neither more nor less than the brother of Tristan Powerofevil Schrage, midlaner of teams as well known as Unicorns of Love, origin, Clg, Flyquest, TSM or more recently Immortals.

At the moment his career is a couple of steps below, but it must be said that he is seven years younger than his brother. He still has time to prove that yes, he comes to the greyhound... although he has won a game without doing a damage.