Nimble Neuron's 'Eternal Return: Infinite' acquires the domestic license in China

of Neptune's subsidiary 'Nimble Neuron' received a domestic license.

On July 12, China's national newspaper published 67 games for which new editions were issued. The mobile version of Nimble Neuron's is included in the internal edition of the issued list. The title is the right to be acquired by games of Chinese developers. It is different from the foreign version issued for overseas games.


has been developed since the middle of 2021. At that time, it was explained that Nimble Neuron was not developed by itself, and that it was developing with an external partner by giving it an IP for . The name of the partner company could not be disclosed under the contract, and they asked for their understanding. Under the circumstances, is a game developed by a Chinese partner, and it can be seen that the game has applied for a domestic version.

Currently, appears to be in the midst of development. Nimble Neuron mentioned at the time in May 2022, It would be good to see it as a stage in the process of testing the technology and verifying the gameplay. After the completeness is secured, we plan to expand the test area to Korea, Canada, and Southeast Asia. A release plan has not been decided yet.

will be published in China by 'I-Dream Sky'. Nimble Neuron explained that the relationship was established through testing to improve services in Southeast Asia. Eyedream Sky has experience in publishing Pearl Abyss's in China.

On the other hand, the Chinese National Newspaper Publishing House temporarily stopped issuing editions after September 2021, when the Chinese authorities announced the regulation on youth games.