Is Max Blind in Stranger Things season 4? Answered

With all the madness that occurs during the program, one of the great questions in everyone's mind is: is Max blind in Stranger Things Season 4 ? Taking into account everything that has happened with this character throughout the events that have occurred, it is a very good question. Here is everything you need to know.

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Are Max Blind in Stranger Things season?

While Eleven can save Max Mayfield at the end of Stranger Things season, she is blind, with broken limbs that end up leaving her in a coma. So, from now on, yes, it seems that Max is now blind. .

Obviously, we will have to wait and see if more crazy developments occur in season 5 of Stranger Things, which is said to be the last installment of the series.

Stranger For now, however, that is all you may need to know about is Max Blind in Stranger Things season? To get more information about Stranger Things, see our detailed article that analyzes why the trauma approach of season 4 is so mature.

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