A basic add-on for EUR 20 makes every controller for PS5, PS4, Xbox and also Switch much better


Pricey pro controllers like from Scuf intend to shut this gap with a few creative methods. One of one of the most vital functions of Such 'Pro Controllers' is the capacity to trade your analog sticks with longer alternatives. Such functions make these controllers preferred, yet also unbelievably expensive.

For console gamers specifically, their controllers are one of the most crucial device in their preferred pastime. Yet specifically in shooters, the risks of an analog stick are revealed compared to the mouse.

It is precisely this essential and prominent attribute you can conveniently recreate yourself for your common controller. That costs you just EUR 20. We are discussing the Thumbstick add-ons from Kontrolfreek. I have actually been using these essays for almost 10 years and also can not advise it sufficient.

Costly unique controllers are popular, however frequently cost well over EUR 200. For just under EUR 20, you can recreate among the most vital attributes of these 'Pro Controllers'. Meinmmo writer Marko Jevtic tells you why you should do that.

_ In your marketing video clip briefly discusses how these essays aid as well as how to use them appropriately: _

Plastic attachments for as much as EUR 20 boost accuracy in shooters

** What do these accessories do for about EUR 20 (although there are also more affordable versions) you get 2 plastic attachments for your controller. You can quickly get this to the sticks of your initial gamepad, which provides the thumb embeds elevation.

This likewise increases the leverage on your sticks. The longer the thumb sticks are, the even more control you have regarding the activities with your thumb.

** What is the issue? The right stick is frequently simply bitchy and heavier than you would like.

There are a number of variations of the short articles of Kontrolfreek, which differ in color, height as well as form. You additionally need to make a decision prior to shopping which controller you fit.

This is a great deal of money for most gamers, however functions such as interchangeable thumbsticks make such a large distinction for various other gamers that the investment is beneficial.

Exactly on this principle, the interchangeable thumb sticks are based on pricey controllers as from Scuf. For lots of shooter fans, this is one of the most important function on these pro controllers. For around 20 EUR you can easily retrofit any controller that you can likewise utilize this benefit.

In my experience, nevertheless, it is enough if you only retrofit the right stick. Since you obtain 2 attachments in a pack, you can pie up 2 various controllers.

I recommend purchasing the greatest possible essays, either in concave or hybrid kind. The essays for the PS4 controllers likewise fit on the PS5 as well as the Switch Pro Controller, however not on the Switch Over Joycons or Xbox Controllers.

This is also why controllers like the SCUF are so prominent for the PS5. This pro controller was able to sell over 100,000 duplicates in simply 3 hrs after the launch. Which despite the truth that the most inexpensive version prices EUR 220, one of the most pricey also EUR 270.

Control Freek's essays desire to assist out and make use of the easiest legislations of physics.

_ Hier are selected controllerkreek add-ons for PS4, PS5 and Switch Pro Controller: _

What are the downsides of the essays? One of the most vital disadvantage that you have to understand before purchasing is the orientation period. Since the sticks are currently higher, your grip on the controller also alters, depending on the individual perspective. As an example, you will swiftly observe that your right thumb gets on the stick, also in the rest setting, than without the essays.


According to reports, Sony will soon be launching a 'pro controller' for the PS5. Leaks report that this likewise provides the popular, longer sticks:.

This additionally has the side impact that your prolonged thumb further increases the enhanced leverage impact, yet can feel uneasy 'stressful', especially at the start. The range to the buttons is also greater. This can make sure that you miss out on the refilling switch in the initial couple of hrs.

If the rubber of your conventional stick is already a bit used, there could be smaller issues with the seat. In especially extensive minutes, it can as a result take place that the attachment hands over the stick and ends up on your lap. This should rarely take place, but it can take place.

What are the benefits of the essays? Gentle pushing in each direction is made significantly easier, since you have to place much less pressure with the thumb to supply delicate motions.

This is a blessing in shooters. With more great motor abilities you can control the sticks more exactly as you desire. This likewise makes it easier not to enter the extremes of the stick movements-which in return indicates that you do not damage down the strong Objective assist in games like Cod Warzone, because your movement was as well strong.

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In brief: Kontrolfreek assures much more precision, and also these simple plastic accessories for a maximum of EUR 20 can maintain this guarantee. This gives you one of one of the most important attributes of controllers that cost 11 times or more.

After a quick getting made use of to and also possibly a little rolling in the control settings of your favored shooter, you will swiftly see just how much better you can shoot with this additional take advantage of. Your Purpose Assist sticks better to the opponents, the solid recoil of your Wönen is less complicated to be tamed, as well as you likewise feel extra in control before headshots with snipers.

  • Some orientation time at the start.
  • Can drop off the controller in rare situations.
  • Player look of the essays might not like some.

According to Drip, Sony will certainly soon bring PRO controllers for PS5 with brand-new functions as well as added buttons.

Back after that I purchased my controllreic accessories for Battleground 4, that was in 2013 and soon after the launch of the PS4. Given that after that I have not only made use of the same essay for the PS4 controllers, but likewise the PS5 as well as my Switch Pro Controller. So for practically ten years I have actually been ballot for EUR 20 thanks to my when bought control frieks, and that via several generations of console and also suppliers.

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Certain, they do not replace every prominent attribute of these Pro controllers such as SCUF, including the supposed paddles, i.e. the buttons on the back of the controller. If you don't have EUR 200 or more relaxed after acquiring your PS5, or if you desire to update numerous controllers at the very same time, these plastic accessories are a great option.

  • Increased utilize makes certain even more accuracy in shooters.
  • Great price/performance ratio.
  • Essays for PS4 as well as PS5 additionally fit on the Switch Pro Controller.
  • Numerous colors as well as alternatives.
  • You are quite possibly made and last permanently.

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Such functions make these controllers really preferred, yet also unbelievably pricey.

FAZIT: The finest investment for my controllers in nearly 10 years.

Exactly on this concept, the compatible thumb sticks are based on costly controllers as from Scuf. The essays for the PS4 controllers additionally fit on the PS5 as well as the Switch Pro Controller, but not on the Switch Joycons or Xbox Controllers. Considering that the sticks are currently greater, your hold on the controller likewise transforms, depending on the individual perspective. Because then I have not just used the same essay for the PS4 controllers, yet likewise the PS5 as well as my Switch Pro Controller.

If you play something, where these essays disrupt, that's not a trouble either. You can shed them in no time and without effort as well as put them on once again. This gives you extra versatility at the height of your stick than with some Scuf items, where you need to choose a stick elevation ahead of time.

_ Hier the very same selection for the Xbox: _.

This is additionally why I can conveniently suggest the Kontrolreek Thumbstick attachments to any individual that intends to obtain better in shooters.