VFB Lübeck II loses the points against the Oldenburg SV

It already ran the fifth minute of reflection time on November 27, when CFB Lübeck II in the safe sense of the 4: 2 lead in the away game at the Oldenburg SV wanted to treat his junior leader of Kara man Radovan a few seconds of the Oldenburg Radovan. If he should not have done, because Radovan belongs to the younger A-youth vintage and is not entitled to play in paragraph 17 of the Statute of the Schleswig-Holstein Football Association (SHF) in the men's area, unless any exemption is present. And that did not seem apparently, because the SHF sports court has converted the 4-2 victory of the Lübeck in a 5-0 victory of the Oldenburg.

If the CFB was seven points in front of the Oldenburg after the victory on the green lawn, after the decision of the sports court now the distance to a counter is melted together. The OSV also has two games in the hindquarters.

Not quite as tight, the whole thing was seen by the SV Etched, in place two long ago safe in the rise round. Also, against the SVE Radovan has been replaced, after information of the Lübeck News the SVE renounces a protest. If Etched can afford not only tabular, because the SVE won on 21 November against the Lübeck Reserve with 4: 0.

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There is still a small shimmer of hope for Lübeck: Against the verdict can be filed within 14 days.