Users of Halo Infinite in Xbox want to deactivate the crossplay for cheats

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The multiplayer of Halo Infinite already has a few weeks since it came out, and the players have been incredible with him. There are a few problems related to progression, but out of that, the general experience has been pretty good. Now, hackers seek to ruin fun for everyone.

Lately there have been many complaints related to the cheats of Halo Infinite, and is that there is currently no dedicated tool within the game to detect them. Therefore, the players of Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S are demanding 343 Industries an option that allows to disable the cross play with users of PC.

Of course, this would mean a division for the community, something that is never good for any game. In addition, although the vast majority of traps are exclusive to PC, there are also modified controls and other hardware for console users that certainly gives them a competitive advantage.

How To Disable Crossplay For Halo Infinite? It May Be Possible For Xbox To Disable Crossplay In Halo

Remember that the campaign of Halo Infinite will be available the next December 8.

Editor's Note: It was to be expected that something like that would happen, however, it seems that for now the theme of the cheats is not as strong as in other games. Eventually 343 Industries will have to do something about it, otherwise, an enormous controversy will be armed as succeeded with War zone and Fortnite in their respective times.