Quake: Free Horde Mode and Add

A new, developed by Machine Games Horde mode that can be played with up to four players in co is now available for Quake with Update 2nd

Is also free the new add-on Honey that leads you deeper into the darkness where her a deadly epidemic must conquer.

In addition, owners can the new version of Quake to secure a registration on Bethesda.net a Ranger Slayer skin for DOOM Eternal and QUAKE GUY Ranger Skin with Gladus-ax for Quake Champions.

Quake - Official Horde Mode Trailer | PS5, PS4 In the German patch notes can be found more details and learn what improvements have been made with the update.

Look below also the new trailer for the Horde mode.

Quake — Update 2 patch notes



Brand new, developed by Machine Games Multiplayer Eve game experience

Supports 1 to 4 players or bots in local multiplayer and online modes (custom Matches)

Playable on all levels

Includes 4 new, designed specifically for the Horde Mode Maps


To score points Completed opponent.

Performs several opponents in quick succession for bonus points.

Your progress is arrested after the last player has died.

Every third wave sends a boss monsters into battle. You are victorious, you will receive a silver key to unlock more weapons and items.

The ninth wave you will receive a gold key with which you can open the exit. Or do you just keep fighting as long as you can.

There is some likelihood that completed Monster Quad Damage and the protective pentagram left (after collecting the power-ups appear for 5 seconds, and they disappear after 10 seconds if they are not collected).


Expands your Quake experience with the free add-on Honey and delves deeper into the darkness one to defeat a deadly plague that infected the country.

If you want to take a unique look behind the scenes of the add-ons, then you read but here our Nods to mods interview with the Honey author by — the senior level designer of Machine Games Christian Drawer.



The frequency of Intrusion and snapping to reduce the view of opponents The sighting has been improved.

Color and type of the crosshair can now be changed in the gameplay options menu.

Add-ons menu can be used so now that downloaded add-ons can be played offline before.

Text chat and push-to-talk voice chat are now available in the pre-match lobbies.

PC Only

Added the ability to invite friends via PC platforms by their players on your friends list Bethesda.net sets (optional).


Owner of the re-release of Quake can log in the game at Bethesda.net to see the Ranger Slayer skin for DOOM Eternal and QUAKE GUY Ranger Skin with Gladus-ax for Quake Champions. (NOTE: This of course means that their next Quake and DOOM Eternal or Quake Champions own need.)



The Death Knight will no longer incorrectly titled as Hell knight in the Quake main campaign. Bots are now talking less.

Problems with texture edges, which were visible to certain HUD elements around been fixed.

The immediate firing of weapons after respawn in multiplayer has been corrected.

Mic check turn off before connecting to the online services, provides the microphone now correctly on mute.

PlayStation 5

Fixed a crash issue related to secret levels and loading a memory object has been fixed.

Fixed a bug, no controller audio output held by the multiplayer in the lobby of another player.

Nintendo Switch

Dead Zone and other slider should now have no non-selectable values ​​more.

An error has been corrected, an achievements pop-up was cut with active pause menu by the.

Microsoft Store (PC)

First Controller setting now works correctly.