Online Tera - New Patch, which significantly improved the game

We're warning at once, Ring 112 is not focused around the new content.

In addition to one tangible news — Cursed Antarctic's Abyss (high-level Dungeon), all the rest of the changes concerns improvements, improvements and balance of the game.

Game forge finally decided to improve the playoff of the online term, which is why many systems have passed small, large, sometimes very large changes. Among others, about:

BAM-Y (Big Ass Monsters — Realizing World Bosses) Prizes for killing monsters Diffusing level in Dungeon Enchantment System

TERA Console - v91 Patch Notes Detailed Breakdown Battleground Guild Conquest Game interface Itemization Character classes

Apropos Character classes, it's a thorough skill balance. Some skills have received up to a 30-percent buff, other in turn have been significantly weakened. All that you can not say Op or Pupa for any class.

In the Online Term Global play here (after closing the Russian and American version, Game forge took over those players).