New World: Server-Merges

Characteristics have taken care of on 7 December 2021 for a lot of server problems in New World and therefore nothing else is left to the developers from Amazon Game Studios than moving the first EU Central Server Merge. Brittney and Mari are now merged on Thursday, December 9, 2021, from 18:00 of our time, announcing Community Manager Alexandra in the New World Forum.

Further EU Central Server Merge

In the almost equal breath community manager Touch has announced in the forums of New World that it comes on Friday, the 10th of December 2021 at 20:00 to another merger. We will merge all the worlds of the World Sets Anaheim Terra (Ishtar, Metal, Glitter, Kalevala, to and Phaeacian) with the world Car Side, says Touch. What does that mean for the affected players?

As soon as the server merging message is displayed in the game — that usually happens 24 hours before the merge begins — no player in these worlds can do a more world transfer.

By the way, on 10.12.2021 also happens: We will also compose in the South America region all worlds in the world set Bird Mu: Tuna, Saga, Rush and Fatal merge to Really.

What does a New World Server Merge mean?

The following actions are completed in a world-generation, explains with one example:

Example: World X must be collected with another world. The world Y was identified as the optimal counterpart:

The characters of the World X are laid into the world Y — all characters, companies, houses, gold and ownership remain available — but territory ownership and contracts will not persist on the new world. Characters of the World Y are not affected, except for an influx of new players: inside the world X. The property of the territory of the World Y remains after the merger.

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