FECWC: German Quartet moves in online

Before the online qualification on the way to the FIFA Club World Cup in FIFA 22 starts at all, some weaker listed clubs and organization first had to compete in the pre-qualification. The German teams are divided into the Zone East and Central Europe, only the eight Bracket winners moved to the next round last Friday.

From a German point of view, three teams made the entry into the online qualification: Hacking Esports banged the ESPORT department of the Italian second division COMO 1907 in the best-of-3 format with 6-0 after points in the final. Lucas 'Schnixx2519' Such and Nick 'NHPanic87' Holster had their counterparties in the crucial winner Bracket-duel of Conference 1 with 4: 3 and 5: 1.

Scanner duo extremely dominant

The winner of a Loser Brackets of Conference 2 emerged both the 1st FC Ingolstadt and Borussia Dortmund. The Scanner also sat down in the final with 6: 0 against Overpowered Esports by, Time 'Timor' Said (2: 0) and Philipp 'Vogel' Schemer (2: 1) showed concentrated defensiveness in their individual parts. In the round before the Ingolstadt-Duo Red Devil had defeated from Kaiserslautern with twice 4: 0.

For the BVB, who is not starting in the Virtual Bundesliga Club Championship, but in international FIFA escape, Eldon 'BVB Eldon' Todorovac and Dennis 'BVB Dennis' went to Malcheczyk. In the final Fenerbahçe was defeated with 6: 0, 6: 3 and 3: 2 lined the individual results. On the way to the final Dortmund had defeated the SV Welder Bremen (2: 1) among others.

Germany vs Spain Full Match 23/03/2018 HD

Iconic beats St. Pauli in the German finale

With a big disappointment, the pre-qualification moth ended up for FC St. Pauli and Eintracht Frankfurt. Both clubs were subject to both in the final of their winner brackets and in the subsequent final of the loser bracket and thus distinguishable. For the Hamburgers in Conference 1 Iconic (1: 2) and HC9 Esports (1: 2) were too strong, the Hesse failed to Advance E-Sport (1: 2) and Team Deft fox (1: 2).

With said organization Iconic a fourth German team is advanced in the online qualification. In front of the triumph against St. Pauli, Nicolas 'iconic Nisei' muntwyler and Joe 'iconic JH7' Hellman recorded a victory against the later Frankfurt finger of HC9 Esports (2: 1).

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