When will undecemoner come out? New Hack'n'Slash South Korea

We are literally on the last straight before the premiere of Undeceive.

Is This Hack 'n Slash MMORPG Worth Playing In 2020? Line Games announced that on December 13, a special stream will take place on which details will be disclosed along with the disclosure of the date of issue.

Earlier announcements said that December would come out at the same time for South Korea and the rest of the world (through Steam), but now — after a recent test — I am not sure that. It is true that the game is already translated into English, but it is really difficult to predict what developers will make.

December is a network hack'n'slash, which can also be called Hack'n'Slash MMO. And this is because individual game systems resemble those from the Massively Multiplayer online genre.

Cities play the role of hubs in which we meet players, integrate and set off for further expeditions. There is also Auction House (for sale or buy items), Enchanting, Crafting, Group Dungeons, Arena from PVP, Building Battleground or even rallies for 8 players or more.

December will appear on PC and mobile devices (with Cross-playu option).

HTTPS: //undecember.line.games/