Twelve Minutes fixes its launch on PS4, PS5 and Switch on December 7

Annapurna Interactive, Annapurna Gaming service name, LLC is a subsidiary of Annapurna Photo as well as a video clip game editor. Amongst the significant video games released by the business, we count what Remains of Edith Finch, Gorgon, Outer Wilds, 12 minutes, Donut Region and Florence.

The Thriller edited by Annapurna Interactive, Twelve Minutes, will arrive on December 7 to PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch. Developed by Luis Antonio, The title premiered originally Last August on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, forming part of the Game Pass catalog. These new versions for consoles, which will not have any addition with respect to those launched previously, will be put on sale just a few days before the Game Awards where Twelve Minutes is nominated in the category of the best independent game.

Twelve Minutes puts us on the skin of a man trapped in a 12-minute temporary loop that goes from that he enters his apartment until a violent police burst to kill his wife. It is a game of puzzles in which we will have to discover a little more about our situation with each loop and take advantage of all the elements of our surroundings to advance the plot. One of the most celebrated features of the proposal is the participation of Daisy Ridley, James McEvoy and Willem Dafoe, who put a voice to the three main characters.

In our game analysis we highlighted the ingenious of some of their puzzle while criticizing the use that the script makes of the characters and the treatment of the main themes:

Twelve Minutes seems not to be too clear if you want me, like players, we worry and identify with the characters or treat them as dolls to unravel the plot. The fact of hiring recognized actors to give voice to the policeman and the main couple seems an attempt to give humanity some character who, for budgetary reasons, are not all the realists we could expect. However, the decision to narrate the history in ancestor perspective, however attractive, plays against that humanization when we get away from the faces, eyes and everything, when it comes to relating to each other, we used to read to others. Although Twelve Minutes wants to tell an intimate story about family secrets, the way to discover it necessarily because to deny any kind of empathy to the characters to the point of forcing us to perform actions that go against their personal security and integrity.

12 Minutes - Official PS5, PS4, and Nintendo Switch Release Date Trailer

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Twelve Minutes will reach PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch on December 7.