The most missing, what we have already done

While some games only drip from relaxation and good morality, others desire ourselves questionable or even terrible deeds that we would never endure well in real life. Sometimes we have no choice but to act as evil, otherwise we will not move in the game.

Away, however, there is still the evil deeds that we commit from free will while playing. And that, even though they are not necessarily necessary or given by the game. In the following, we want to do penance and tell you what the Gamer editorial is allowed to play for evil shells.

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Toby provoked several heavy catastrophes in Rollercoaster Tycoon

Tobias Celtic: The very first Rollercoaster Tycoon will probably always be the best park buffet of all time for me. At that time, I spent tens of hours with the cool, unusual and adrenalin-promoting roller rollers as possible — which was pretty much fun — and then actually build — which was often too tedious and rickety. Probably because of that, I often came to a point where it took me all too long and apparently released in dark thoughts.

In any case, it is not possible to explain that in many of my roller coasters suddenly the route came directly on a rocky wall or were missing parts of the train completely. To watch, as well-tempered park visitors then jubilee in their virtual death, then of course was also part of this pleasure — and yes, a bit Main I felt too. However, only so little that it occurred again and again — and I also connect these evil deeds to today with Rollercoaster Tycoon.

Eleven lets her friends like to run in traps

Eleven Range: I'm almost sure that I've already done far fertile things in games — but the first thing I came to mind is more of a small prank. Maybe because I just had so many thieving pleasures. My girlfriend has recently finally brought a switch together with Animal Crossing. For me, of course, the perfect opportunity to give her a small start boost and her all the double recipes that I had embarked on my island for exactly this case. On the condition that you took my best friends request, so I poured them with craft instructions. This was my setup perfect.

While they learned a guide after the other, I tucked my shovel and began to bury anywhere on her island of hidden places. And then I just had to wait. It did not take long until I was rewarded with the first cursing when her character suddenly stuck for several seconds in the ground. The revenge was not long in coming and soon the entire island was a mini field. Even days later, I was rewarded with expressive news, if she had come back into a trap that we both had long forgotten.

Dennis kills at the game end all who were dear

Dennis Michel: I had to think about my entry for this article really long because I always in video games always in the role of good slippers. If a NPC asks for help, then helped. Begs a villain around grace, he gets a second chance. One thing but then I thought, which I always do suffering.

I count to the species players who kill all NPCs at the end of a Demon's or Dark Souls passage to mop their chic armor and valuable weapons. Finally, stylish clothes need for the New Game Plus. Fashion Souls! Therefore, a big sorry on salaries, the onion knight, blacksmith Andre and Co. — you will certainly be reborn the next beacon... I hope!

Linda is the worst of all

Linda Springer: Okay: That may be something exaggerated. I'm very nice in real life anyway (I swear!). When it comes to video games, I'm mostly the complete opposite: Abkramtief evil. The best example? I wrote a complete article some time ago that I treat my bullets in Animal Crossing: New Horizons like dirt. I do not greet you, do not give them anything, beat them up with the lecher, just so that they finally pull leash. As a punishment, the values ​​colleges have fitted my complete island with plush bear while I was on vacation. I did not earn it differently.

Many RPGs like Fallout 3 I also play so evil as it works. Of course, I hunted Megaton, it's just a lot more fun, and spectacular it looked anyway. And otherwise? SIMS in the pool drowned? Check! Enemy Scout in Age of Empires 2 Bricked? Check! My sweet chuff in pups monster renamed, then swapped at my buddy and botched me that he can not change this wonderful nickname anymore? Check! Muhahahaha, I could continue so forever. What look for you? What evil deeds when playing go on your account?