The creators of Gotham Knights, of the Batman universe, work in another game yet unannounced

DC Infinite Universe, previously DC Cosmos, is a solution taken care of by WarnerMedia via its 2 subsidiaries, DC Enjoyment and also Warner Bros. Digital Networks. Introduced in 2018, the solution recommends in electronic style, a choice of comics from the author brochure and an interactive encyclopedia, a conversation room for clients as well as an online shop of derivatives. At first, the service additionally provided in SOD of numerous cinematographic, vibrant or television productions adapted from deep space of the DC Comics publisher, some solely. Nevertheless, with the launch of HBO Max in 2020, the service concentrates on its electronic collection and its original current manufacturing are transferred to HBO Max or The CW. To mark this change, the solution is after that relabelled DC Infinite World in 2021.

Sure you know Gotham Knights If you are Batman fan, or you are interested in the DC Comics universe. A month ago we had news about the RPG in the DC Fandom, with a new trailer and confirmation that its launch is finally planned for next year, but it might not be the only thing that has Warner Bros. Games Montreal In hands.

That seems to indicate a LinkedIn profile of a developer. In the experience of Megan Berry, Senior Artist of the Study, there is a unannounced project different from the one we already know. In fact, he explains himself, talking about a second game apart from the current responsibilities with Gotham Knights.

Other employees have this project without announcing in their professional profile Its work was held from September 2019 to June 2021, and worked hand by hand with the creative director, even in charge of the main pillars of the Gameplay. Berry continues in the company, and is currently immersed in Gotham Knights, although other employees ARE SAN also has this new unannounced project in the profile.

Waiting to know more details, what we do know is that Gotham Knights protagonists will have their expected premiere at 2022, without any specific date still marked on the calendar. If what you prefer is to control Batman, in addition to a more casual way, take a look at the first Multiverses trailer, a Warner Smash Bros., which will meet the most recognized characters of the companys brands.

Gotham Knights - World Premiere Trailer

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