The animated series of Devil May Cry will be a reality: Dante and Vergil prepare for adaptation

Gina Rodriguez is a starlet, producer and American supervisor born on July 30, 1984 in Chicago. It makes itself understood, of the public, by Jane Gloriana Villanueva, which she embodies in the tv series Jane the Virgin (2014-2019). His interpretation is hailed by objection and also it is worthwhile, in 2015, the Golden Globe of the most effective starlet in a musical or comic tv series. The success of the series installs on the tv as well as permits it to begin, in parallel, a job as an exec producer and supervisor in addition to practice dubbing. At the movie theater, after turning generally for independent cinema, she plays in more exposed tasks like Deepwater, Destruction, Miss Bala or any individual.

Dante returns through the big door, but replaces videogames by a new animated series. Although this intention was known since 2018, it is now when we are given new information about the adaptation of Devil May Cry at Netflix : a project that is becoming closer to being a reality.

The scripts of season 1 are finished. They are amazing. And I can not be more excited ADI Shankar As explained by its producer, ADI Shankar, A Ign Japan, the animated series of Devil May Cry prepares its first season with eight chapters : The scripts of the season 1 are finished. They are amazing. And I can not be more excited. Added to this, the producer ensures that the project will go further and take a direction similar to that of the animated series of Castlevania, as the adaptation of Devil May Cry will connect seasons with various narrative arches.

The animated series of Devil May Cry has the support of Capcom to this information is added the presence of Dante, Vergil and Lady in the series, although Shankar also jokes that I can confirm that Chris Pratt It will not put the voice to any of the characters, referring to the role of the actor in the new Super Mario movie. Leaving aside the jokes, the producer reveals that the adaptation of Devil May Cry has the support of Capcom, since they have been able to work with Hiroyuki Kobayashi, who was present in the development of the first Devil May Cry and in the Resident Evil franchise. In addition, the creators have also been set at the animated series created in 2007, which was produced by a Japanese animation study.

Each time there is more interest around the adaptation of video games in animated formats, something we have been able to see with Arcane, the League of Legends series, or the pubg project: Battlegrounds, which will be produced by Shankar itself. In this sense, the professional already has a tour of the industry after the work of it in the animated series of Castlevania, which has ended this year with its fourth season. So, with this confirmation, it remains to be seen how Dante s personality will move to a new screen.

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