Spider-Man: No Way Home: All enemies confirmed in the trailer

Spider-Man: No Way Home is intended to become the greatest success in the box office after the toughest stages of the pandemic. With the cinemSony Pictures willing to recover the attention of the lovers of the seventh art, movies like the new of Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios aims to put it all legs up through the multiverse, the backbone axis of the third ribbon starring Tom Holland in the cinematographic universe of Marvel. After his new trailer, we review All Confirmed Villains.

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SPIDERMAN No Way Home Official Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Villains Explained & Hidden Details

What claims are confirmed in Spider-Man: No Way Home

Six claims are the most traditional and iconic group of Villains in the world of Spider-Man. Although its first members were, back in 1964 with Stan Lee and Steve Ditto, the group confirmed by Dr. Octopus, Raven, Vulture, Electron, Man of Sand and Mysterious, the reality is that the world of comic hSony Pictures offered many visions and changes in This alignment; Always trying to offer something new that cohesion with the current conflict.

For example, even in the Insomniac Games video games included their own group of six claims; And everything makes indicate that in Spider-Man: No Way Home will also have this half of supervillanos, seen what wSony Pictures seen. But with a particularity: not all are original of Marvel s cinematographic universe, but we have the presence of characters from Sam Rail s films (the three original tapes starring Today Maguire); And others from Marc Webb, The Amazing Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield).

Spider-Man: No Way Home, Five claims confirmed

The reSony Pictureson for that From Home (2019), when your identity is exposed, Sony Picturesks Strange to reverse what happened with a spell. Will we see Today Maguire and Andrew Garfield in the movie? On December 17 we will leave doubts. Who hSony Pictures already been seen is j. K? Simmons Sony Pictures j.j Jameson.

At the moment, Five claims confirmed. Will it be scorpion the sixth? We saw him at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming...

  1. Doctor Octopus : Interpreted by Alfred Molina, we will see Doc OCK again, which will not recognize Peter Parker of Tom Holland. Perhaps he finally is not an enemy Sony Pictures such, but Hunan forces. That gives to understand the trailer.
  2. Green Elf: Another brand of the house. Norman Osborn made us vibrate almost twenty years ago in the first of Rail. Everything aim that will be again Willem Dafoe who is behind that suit.
  3. Electron : Jamie Foxx wSony Pictures one of the first to confirm that he would be in Spider-Man: No Way Home. We will see you with a new look and, hopefully, a more memorable performance than in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.
  4. Sand man : The character played by ThomSony Pictures Baden Church did not die at Spider-Man 3. The presence of him in this film will bring us again to one of the most impressive characters at audiovisual level in the great screen.
  5. Lizard : Also from The Amazing: Spider-Man. Dr. Curt Connors hSony Pictures let himself be seen with his original Lizard Sony Picturespect in the lSony Picturest trailer next to the previous two. He managed to survive in the works of Marc Webb.