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Pokémon Brilliant diamond and shiny pearl were released and players have linked to the Pokemon they collect and maintained them throughout the experience. Apart from the fact that the Pokémon is laid for days in a box... Nevertheless, each coach needs a suitable name for his companions and this guide takes you through the process of how you can change Pokémon nickname Pokémon Brilliant diamond and shiny pearl.

Nickname in Pokémon Change radiant diamond and luminous pearl

In order to change nicknames in the experience, you must first be advanced far enough in the game until you reach 'Eternal City' because you can change the nicknames of your Pokemon here. Regardless of whether you call Pokémon, which you are rightly earned by the intended methods of the game, or even cloned Pokémon, this system can be used by anyone, with some exceptions discussed in this article.

Before changing the nicknames of your Pokemon, first go to the Eternal Condominium in the city and visit the character Name Rater. He has a blue shirt, and you can chat with it to start the process. If you interact with him, he gives them the opportunity to evaluate the names of their Pokémon, to enable this, and then they have the opportunity to change the nicknames of the Pokémon if they want.

You can now give your Pokemon a nickname and specify your big name for adventures or in the Grand Underground, in multiplayer battles and much more.

How to change your Pokémon's Nickname in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl | Name Rater Location What are the exceptions to Pokemon nicknames?

There are some exceptions to give Pokemon a nickname. You can only give a nickname to the Pokemon you caught or bred, and Pokemon against which you have exchanged with other players can not nicknamed.

With these considerations in mind it is now time to give your Pokemon the nickname!

Pokémon Brilliant diamond and shiny pearl are now available for Nintendo Switch.